Corporate gifts for Diwali

The festival season is here and you have the opportunity once again to be creative about corporate gifts for Diwali and for the New Year. Human nature is such that all of us like receiving gifts. Similarly, there is great joy in also giving gifts. Companies and business entities have already started planning for the season. Suppliers of corporate gifts and online sites are also getting ready to meet the huge demand for such gifts, which seem to be on the increase year after year.

In our country, festival season is the time for exchange of gifts and it does not matter upon the financial success of the company for the year. These gifts are given and received to improve bonding, express gratitude for the business interactions and to also emphasize brand visibility of the company that is distributing these gifts. Are you looking or thinking what corporate gifts to offer to client, staff or employees ?

Tech gifts are making their mark

Corporate gifts for Diwali in India and for the gifts for New Year have been around for a long time. Conventional gifts are slowly yielding way to gifts that are more tech oriented. People are seeking change from the usual rigmarole of gifting. Moreover, companies have also realized they have to fulfill their corporate obligations towards reducing carbon footprint and are looking for gifts that are eco friendly as well.

So gifts that are made out of recyclable paper and other such material are preferred more and more by companies. Perhaps that is another reason for the increasing popularity of tech gifts since they are perceived to be more eco friendly and longer lasting than conventional gifts. For instance, when you gift somebody the USB flash drive, you have probably ensured that 50 trees are not cut to make paper. The storage capacity of the flash drive will ensure that the recipient need not take printouts of what he or she wants to store.

Other corporate gifts for Diwali worth considering

The advent and increasing usage of the smart phone has spawned a variety of other products that are worth gifting. You can rest assured they will be well received by your recipients. The good news is that you can also get them supplied to you by manufacturers and suppliers like us in Mumbai at reasonable rates. Bluetooth technology, better internet bandwidth availability has also helped in the creation of these tech oriented gifts.

  1. Fitness bands – People have become fitness conscious. Earlier due to not being able to measure their progress after a workout, there used to be excuses for not maintaining a regular regimen of physical activity. Today, however, fitness band can provide accurate information on the steps covered in a day, the calories burnt, heart rate as well as distance.
  2. Bluetooth speakers – People are also travelling more often and love to carry their music with them. They do not want the hassle of wires coming in the way. Bluetooth technology has made going wireless a reality and with speakers that can be used even in water, there is virtually no limit to where you can carry your entertainment with you.
  3. Power banks – As mentioned above, the usage of the smart phone has been increasing manifold for entertainment and communication. Despite smart phone batteries having improved capacities, people always want more and do not like to be left high and dry due to no battery juice. The power bank is a wonderful storage device that can be used to carry along and draw power from, when in need. Try gifting this device to anybody and see their face light up.
  4. Smart watches – Though the smart phone usage has increased, there is always clamor for devices that can complement it and the smart watch is one gadget. When you use the smart watch, you can get to see the notifications on your wrist and respond accordingly. You need not take out the phone each time, saving battery juice.
  5. Digital photo frames – With so much of photos and videos being clicked through the smart phones, displaying them on digital photo frames with adequate memory space can liven up the drawing room during get together with friends and family.

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