Custom Made Eco-Friendly Bags and Folders

Eco friendly bags are quite in trend these days. People are now realizing the harmful effects of synthetic fibers and are adopting an eco-friendly approach. Eco-friendly bags or folders include those that are made from materials like paper, jute, cloth and other materials that can be recycled after use. Nowadays these bags and folders are available in attractive designs and colors and can compete with their synthetic counterparts.

Conference Bags manufacturers in mumbaiYou can consider the option of the eco-friendly bags or folders as corporate gifts. This can be a good way to contribute to the noble cause of environment conservation. The bags that can be given as gifts could be small or large size multi-purpose bags. These can be used for various purposes like carrying documents, lunch boxes or they could be shoulder bags that are used for personal purposes too.

conference folders mumbaiYou can get these bags customized with the size and shape of your choice with your logo and brand printed on them. We provide wholesale eco-friendly bags with logo in Mumbai. Similarly, folders can be made from cardboard with a cloth or paper cover and can have attractive shapes and designs. We deal in eco-friendly folders in Mumbai.

conference folders indiaSaving paper is yet another noble cause and you can finalize on folders and bags made of fibers that can be recycled. When you get these items customized, you need to work on the quality and durability of the material that is used. This option can be favorable for your budget if you place the order in bulk. We are eco-friendly jute bags manufacturers in Mumbai and suppliers of eco-friendly bags in bulk.



Conference Bags

Conference folders can be given as a corporate gift or as a conference takeaway. There are certain considerations in each case when you plan conference folders as a gift or takeaway. When you plan to give conference bags as takeaway items, you require them in bulk quantities and need to decide the items as per the type of conference and the budget. You can also plan for conference tote bags
and promotional conference tote bags. Conference folders are made up of a variety of materials like paper, plastic, jute, leather and other synthetic fabrics as well. The cost varies depending on the material and the design. Some folders serve as a file with one compartment while others have more pockets and are designed as folders that can accommodate several materials. We are wholesale dealers of conference bags in India.


Conference Bags mumbaiConference folders are good promotional items as you can emboss your brand information on them. You can even insert your business cards as you distribute them to your clients. You can customize the folders according to the designs of your choice. You can also select the size and print as well. The conference folders can be designed to provide space to accessories like calculator, pen, notepad, papers, and other stationery items. The folders can also be compact so as to be carried in office bags during travels. This item can be gifted to customers, clients across various levels and organizations. We are conference bags manufacturers in Mumbai. You can place order for Bulk conference bags custom imprinted with logo and promotional trade show bags.


Portfolio Bags

A portfolio bag is a bag that is used by professionals or executives. It is an office back that is tailored to give a professional look and designed to suit the professional needs. Though portfolio bags are mostly made up of leather, there could be other synthetic materials too. The bag usually stands erect and firm with a purpose of keeping the official stuff like documents and files in place. These bags could vary in size too. The larger ones can enable you to carry your laptop and related accessories while the smaller ones are meant for few official items. Smaller portfolio bags can be carried like a clutch or can be placed within the larger bags. The bigger ones usually have a handle or a strap that can be placed on the shoulder. The genuine leather bags are higher in price but more durable. You can get gender specific portfolio bags as well. Those meant for men are large, and designed specifically.


Portfolio bagPortfolio bag is a great item as a corporate gift. You can gift it across executives at different levels and it is extremely useful for office. You can get your logo embossed on the front surface of the bag and it looks classic. You can also gift these bags to your clients for events like launches, conferences and other professional gatherings. You can buy them online too or place bulk order for customized portfolio bags according to your specifications. We are suppliers of wholesale portfolio bags in India and also deal in promotional portfolio bags for conference giveaways.


Waist Pouches :-  are one of the trendiest yet useful types of bags. They are popular among the youngsters and preferred by elders for their utility. Waist pouches are known by various names like belt packs, bum bags and moon bags. They either occur in deep shades of colors like blue or black or are extremely vibrant and colorful. They are made of various materials like synthetic fabrics, leather or cotton. The pouch has a strap that can be fixed just above the waist and you can conveniently carry the pouch with you.

Waist Pouches indiaSome varieties of waist pouches can also have the facility of converting the strap to a shoulder strap. Waist pouches are widely used for various activities like trekking, travelling, camping, tourism, photography and other outings. These bags also occur in waterproof varieties and one can easily carry cards, mobile phones and money along. Some waist pouches are especially designed for cameras.

Waist Pouches mumbai The pouch remains attached and leaves your hands free for driving and other tasks. You can consider travel pouches or multi-purpose pouches at wholesale prices in Mumbai as corporate gift items. Waist pouches should essentially be of a good quality so as to carry the items without getting detached. The zipper pouch, the strap that holds the pouch to the body should be tough and durable. Water resistant pouches are the best option. When you consider waist pouches as a corporate gift, you need to look into the size, make and durability of the pouch. We are suppliers, dealers and manufacturers of multi-organizer waist pouches.