Selfie Stick with Wire

Selfie stick with wire does help you to capture the beautiful background with details. Clicking snaps alone or with the group at wondrous locations selfie stick with wire is most hassle free option. This stick is extremely light in nature therefore it becomes much easier for you to carry the stick wherever you go. The Stick is comprehended with the smart phone holders which is extremely compatible for all your phones. Selfie stick is made from high quality material and thus always provides you with better experience while clicking a shot. Be it Android, IOS or windows phone the selfie stick is compatible with every type of phone.


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Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Shutter does easily help you to capture charismatic shots for varied different angles. This stick is enduringly durable and can sustain for longer period of time. You can easily attach your various latest style mobile phone devices in the holder and start clicking pictures. The inbuilt Bluetooth has easy control options and does give us the feasibility of taking snaps even from the distance. Monopod of the stick has the brevity of carrying approx weight of 500 grams and the superior grip lets us easily click selfie without getting tensed for expensive phones. This modular stick is easily compatible with various Android and IOS model phones. The functionality of this stick makes this gift item one of the most adorable and unique gifting option.


Yoga mats : Yoga has immense benefits and offers lucrative gain to health. The wondrous yoga mats give the benefits of balance and coordination to the fitness lovers. These Mats are light weighted and thus can be carried out while traveling outdoors. For your perfect fitness, the multi-color yoga mats could be the best mate. These mats do have ingenious qualities of Anti-slip and have pre-floor covering. Mats do provide us with the support and it can also aid a lot in the absorption of sweat. These Yoga mats are easy to clean and maintain. You can buy yoga mats in wholesale from us at low prices. They do consume very less space and can be easily rolled and kept. In the contemporary times, you have the pick from various textures, colors, and patterns. This yoga mat is environment-friendly and can be sustainable for the long tenure. The breadth of the mat is thick which easily allows you to practice the movements. Variant colors available here do pamper you with choices.


Bluetooth Weigh scales : ( LATEST UNIQUE GIFT ITEM ) The impressive battery life and durable finish is truly charismatic. This Bluetooth weigh scales does not need an internet connection thus can support multiple devices. Mended with the advanced technology does easily help you to share your track weighs loss with your friends. Propounded with the automatic shut down process and accurate sensor measurements can easily weigh up to 150 Kgs. The best part is the Bluetooth weigh scales proficiently are easily compatible with IOS Phone applications. This device requires 3 aaa batteries. We are importers and offer wholesale bluetooth weigh scales in Mumbai, India. Bluetooth weighs scales offer the inbuilt technology of easily downloadable application. The product also supports I Pad devices. The easy sensors and smart technology easily tracks personalized weight and BMI data. This device can be your best mate in terms of tracking your fitness. It does make you easy for you to track weight and maintain your fitness regime. The bold fonts does makes it easy for the readings.


Smart watch health monitor 

This health monitor does easily allow you to keep a check on your health and fitness goals.  Infused with the advanced technology and smart operating options this monitor can be easily used by all age group. The sensor technology and finished sleek homogenously designed exteriors in the smart watch health monitor does stand out to be one of the best utility for the fitness lovers. We are dealers, importers, suppliers of wholesale smart watches in India. The good battery life enables the device to perform flawlessly and efficiently. This health monitor comes with the trigonometry of light- weight pattern, compatibility with the latest apps, runner stats. With this health monitor, you can easily have a count on your calories and keep a track on them.  The product has easy controls and very promising for its buyer. Measurable and motivational health monitor can be used by all age group. The monitor does a fabulous job and works wondrous for the pedometer, alarm, time watch, calling ID and sleep monitor.








USB Car Charger

Even if you drain out of your phone battery while long distance road journey, you don’t need to worry anymore. The USB car charger is the most convenient and feasible option. The best part of USB Car Charger is that it is portable with almost all the phones. The modern car chargers are small in size but extremely useful while travelling out.  This charger weighs lesser and is extremely portable to carry. It can be easily fitted even if you have a very small space in your car. For all your smart phones you can proactively charge your phones without doing any efforts. You simply plug in and play!


Dual Solar power banks

solar portable mobile chargers indiaSolar power banks are effectual blend of utility and are premium eco friendly gifting solutions. In the dual solar power banks you can store the battery with the solar power for later use. With the dual charging system intact, the user can charge two phones together. The best part is it only takes sunshine to recharge the power again and doesn’t take a toll on our electricity. Moreover the solar power banks are more reliable option where electricity is dense. By Using the Solar power bank, the user doesn’t have to worry about the voltage fluctuations. Mobile in the contemporary times is extremely necessary and the power banks can be useful when phones get drained out of battery. We are importers, suppliers of wholesale solar power banks and portable chargers in India with warranty.