Trolley bags are bags that are placed on wheels and can be moved around with the help of a handle. Various types of bags can be converted to trolley bags. Laptop bags, duffle bags and even travel bags can be used as trolley bags.

suppliers of trolley bags india You can order customized trolley bags of the design and size of your choice. Your brand can be promoted by getting the information printed on the bag. These bags can also be designed in various ways so as to offer convenience in carrying various items and accessories. In case of laptop trolley bags, they need to be durable and offer a proper cushioning so that the laptop and accessories can be carried on the wheels. For travel trolley bags, the wheels and support need to be sturdy to balance the weight of the luggage. If you are planning to give trolley bags as a corporate gift, they need to be of a good quality and long lasting. We are trolley bags manufacturers in Mumbai and provide these trolley bags in India at wholesale prices.

trolley bag manufacturers You can present trolley bags as corporate gifts. These are extremely convenient especially for those working in the corporate sectors or are working as executives. They can use laptop bags, duffle bags or travel bags as trolley bags as they require to travel frequently related to work. Trolley bags can also be considered as a promotional gift during a launch or as gifts for conference attendees.




You can also try our custom made Haversack Bags :  Wide varierty and designs

Haversacks are bags that have a single strap which can be worn across the shoulder or can be carried just on one shoulder. Based on the design, these are used for multiple purposes. They can be carried to school, during travel and for picnics. The more sturdy ones are used for specified uses like military uses, trekking, camping and other outdoor activities where rough wear and tear is involved. We deal in wholesale kids haversack bags in Mumbai, India.

Giving a haversack as a corporate gift is a good idea for businesses related to adventure sports, trekking and holiday camps. Based on the requirements and the candidates, you can get customized haversacks designed for your customers. This is also a good option for educational institutes that run professional courses and also if you are a person who would like to promote environment tourism or outdoor activities among your clients.

Haversack Bags manufacturersHaversacks should preferable be made out of resistant and durable fabrics and the lining should also be durable. They should be sturdy and durable and should be designed to carry the essential items for the intended purpose. The sacks that are intended for field studies or camping need to be exceptionally large to accommodate all the camping and study items which may include bedding as well. These bags should ideally have more compartments to sort out the items. You can promote your business by printing your logo and brand information on these bags. We are manufacturers of haversack bags for schools and offer bulk discounts of prices in haversack bags in India.